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Rajshahi College is playing a very important role in the field of higher education in Bangladesh. As a member of Rajshahi College family, The Dept. of Accounting is playing it’s part properly with utmost sincerity. Rajshahi College, launched accounting as a separate department in the year 1973. Professor Gazi Abdus Salam was the founder chairman of the department. Three – year Honours course was introduced with 25 students under Rajshahi University in that year. Masters course was also introduced under National University from the academic session of 1994-1995. Now, around 2000 students are enrolled in this department in different courses. The following courses are in operation at the moment in this department:

      4 year Honours course (BBA)
      2. Masters Preliminary course (MBS-Prel.)
      3. Masters Final (MBS-Final)

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Ashis Kumar Sanyal (4688) Professor 14/03/2016
02. Shamim Ara Jesmin (4645) Associate Professor 28/05/2005
03. Md. Mahbubur Rahman Selim (4384) Associate Professor 11/11/2014
04. Ismot Ara Begum (006760) Associate Professor 07/12/2016
05. Md. Abul Hasnat (9103) Assistant Professor 11/10/2012
06. Abu Md. Fasiur (12764) Assistant Professor 14/11/2009
07. Md. Mamataz Uddin Molla (15378) Assistant Professor 15/05/2013
08. Md. Antaz Ali (16053) Assistant Professor 12/11/2016
09. A. K. M Syedur Rahman Khan (18168) Lecturer 19/10/2010
10. Md. Sohel Rana (21891) Lecturer 05/06/2013
11. Most. Sabmila Khatun (25044) Lecturer 28/05/2016
12. Most. Lipe Khatun Lecturer 01/06/2016
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Professor Ashis Kumar Sanyal

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Phone Number: +88 0721 774407
E-mail: rc1873acc@gmail.com

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