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It is an old department of Rajshahi College. It launched a few years later as the college established in 1873. In 1878 the window of this Department was opened among with a few others of that and recognized as the Department of Arabic and Persian. Teaching on Islamic Studies was also going on simultaneously in accordance with other courses and lately in 1981 the name changed. Here the courses on B.A (Hons) and M.A in Arabic Literature, B.A (pass) and M.A in Islamic Studies are going on. There are approximately 900 students studding in different courses where the teacher’s stuff only nine. Among them one for Professor,  two for Associate professors, three for Assistant Professors and three for Lecturers. It is to appreciate highly as the centre of education that longed hundred and thirty four years where some national educational laureates like Professor Dr. M. A. Bari (two times former Vice -Chancellor of the University of Rajshahi and founder Vice- Chancellor of National University), Professor Dr. Golam Maksud Hilaly, Professor Dr. Lutful Haque and many other Scholars were the teachers of this Department.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Md. Abdul Hye (2099) (Is. Studies) Professor 04/07/2017
02. Dr. Abu Syeed Md. Nurul Islam (5363) (Is. Studies) Associate Professor 20/04/2009
03. Sheikh Mohammad Abdul Hamid (4328) (Arabic) Associate Professor 05/11/2008
04. MD. Mostafizur Rahman (13531) (Arabic & Is. Stu.) Assistant Professor 05/07/2015
05. Mohammod Abdul Majid (14149) (Arabic & Is. Stu.) Assistant Professor 29/06/2015
06. Muhammad Abdur Rakib (015960) (Arabic & Is. Stu.) Assistant Professor 28/03/2017
07. Md.Mostafizur Raman (17976) (Arabic & Is. Stu.) Lecturer 04/01/2009
08. Rokhsana Akhter (17760) (Is. Studies) Lecturer 18/11/2008
09. Amirul Islam (18481) (Arabic & Is. Stu.) Lecturer 11/10/2012
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Head of the Department

Professor Md. Abdul Hye

At a Glance

Started Functioning as a department 1878
Oldest Teacher Maulovi Md. Hyder Ali
Renowned Scholars Professor Dr. Golam Maksud Hilaly
Professor Dr. M.A. Bari
Honours Course Started 1878
Masters Degree Started 1993
Location Ground Floor, Fular Building, RC
Number of Teachers 09
Number of Students 900

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Contact Information

Phone Number: +88 0721 774249
E-mail: rcarabic1201@gmail.com

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