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It is very difficult to notice just when the Honours course in Bengali was started in Rajshahi College. Despite the instigation of B.L. and Master’s programs respectively in 1881 and 1892, there is no proof of evidence that Bengali was incorporated as one of the courses of those programs. According to Rajshahi College Report 1912-13 Bengali was taught in Rajshahi College as Vernacular Composition respectively at I.A., B.A. and English Honours classes. It is apparent that prior to 1918 no teacher was available for Bengali. Although the Rajshahi College Report 1916-17 reveals that a lecturer named Syamacharan Bhattacharya was designated to teach in Sanskrit and Bengali. In 1918, a lecturer namely, Basant Kumar Roy was assigned specifically to teach Bengali for the first time. From 1935-1936 session Bengali was initiated as a distinct subject (instead of Vernacular Composition) for the I.A. and B.A. classes. In 1937-1938, the College introduced Bengali as an individual subject at the Honours level. In 1941 noted literary personality Shri Shiva Prasanna Lahiri was awarded Honours degree in Bangla from Rajshahi College.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Mst. Monowara Khatun (4471) Professor 20/03/2016
02. Dr. Md. Ibrahim Ali (004751) Associate Professor 18/10/2017
03. Most. Taslima Khatun (12611) Associate Professor 01/03/2015
04. Md. Iqbal Hossain (12652) Associate Professor 30/08/2017
05. Moin Uddin Ahmed (14158) Assistant Professor 23/10/2012
06. Md. Abdur Rahim (16061) Assistant Professor 23/09/2015
07. Mst. Shakila Shabnam (16181) Assistant Professor 10/11/2014
08. Nurjahan Begum (16134133035) Lecturer 01/06/2016
09. Md. Imran Hossain (16134133040) Lecturer 31/07/2017
10. Md. Mostafizur Rahman (17135133080) Lecturer 26/10/2017
11. Lecturer
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Head of the Department

Monowara Khatun

Professor Mst. Monowara Khatun

At a Glance

Taught as Vernacular Composition 1912
Appointed for the first time Basant Kumar Roy
First appointed in 1918
Bengali was given subject status 1935-36 session
Started Hons Level 1937-38 session
Awarded Hons degree for the first time 1941
First Hons Graduate Shri Shiva Prasanna lahiri

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