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The department of English in Rajshahi College holds a different prestige and honour that any other institute would cherish to achieve. It has been functioning as an independent department till 1878, only a few years after the foundation of Rajshahi College itself in 1873. Renowned scholars like Professor Dr. Shree Kumar Banarjee, Professor Dr. Md. Sadar Uddin Ahmed, Professor Md. Amanullah, Professor A. S. M Muarrof, and Professor Abu Daud Hasan served in this department. The department consists of 13 dedicated teachers, 3 employees. More than 1500 regular students study in BA (Honours), Masters (Part-1) and Masters (Final) classes in this department. Teachers have also been conducting lessons in HSC and BA (Pass) classes very efficiently in Communicative Approach and using modern equipments like multimedia projector. Having got their degree from this institution, numerous scholarly students have proved their worth as they perform in diverse fields in nation building.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Pijush Kanti Fauzdar (4717) Professor 13/12/2015
02. Muhammad Nafiz (3443) Associate Professor 09/06/2009
03. Md. Habibur Rahman (9072) Associate Professor 11/02/2015
04. Md. Nourozur Rhaman (9407) Associate Professor 20/10/2016
05. Gulshan Ara (12394) (Associate Professor) Assistant Professor 25/09/2017
06. Md. Jasim Uddin (10952) Assistant Professor (Attachment) 27/08/2012
07. Devayani Chakraborty (13086) Assistant Professor 14/10/2009
08. Dr. Samyasathee Bhowmik (12642) Assistant Professor 01/04/2012
09. Krishna Kabery (14151) Assistant Professor (Attachment) 05/08/2013
10. Md. Abdul Malek (015412) Assistant Professor 11/06/2013
11. Md. Amir Sadat (15866) Assistant Professor (Attachment) 14/11/2015
12. Zannatul Ferdous (15849) Assistant Professor 10/11/2014
13. Md. Atiqur Rahman (23710) Lecturer 13/12/2014
14. Md. Rashed Bin Monsur (23853) Lecturer 24/01/2015
15. Samson Hasdak (024496) Lecturer 27/04/2016
16. Lecturer
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Head of the Department


Professor Pijush Kanti Fauzdar

At a Glance

Started functioning as an independent department 1878
Oldest teacher Dr. Shree Kumar Banarjee
Number of teachers 13
Number of Students 1500 (apx.)
Started Hons Level 1878
Started Masters Level 1992

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Phone Number: +88 0721 774206
E-mail: engdrc@yahoo.com

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