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The department of History was introduced when the College was established in 1873. Many prominent figures of the country served here as teacher, such as A.R Mallik, later on who became the Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University and also the finance minister of Bangladesh, Habibur Rahman Shely, who became the Chief Justice and also the Chief Advisor of Bangladesh Care Taker government later. As well as, many students of this department became famous home and abroad.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Md. Yeakub Ali (7737) Professor 07/01/2017
02. Dr. Md. Elias Uddin (4337) Associate Professor 20/07/2008
03. Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman (4574) Associate Professor 09/11/2014
04. Abu Hasnat Md. Rafiqul Islam (5411) Associate Professor 25/04/2016
05. Dr. Md. Rezaul Karim (16798) (Associate Professor) Assistant Professor 25/09/2017
06. Md. Anisuzzaman (12785) Assistant Professor 06/11/2014
07. Raton Uddin Ahmed (017182) Assistant Professor 09/11/2014
08. Md. Tariqul Islam ‍Ansuri (014146) Assistant Professor 06/12/2015
09. Dr. Abu Reza Azad (012275) Lecturer 06/01/2018
10. Md. Abul Bashar (22540) Lecturer 15/12/2012
11. Md. Al Amin Haque (22694) Lecturer 29/02/2016
12. Md. Abdur Rahim (25778) Lecturer 28/02/2017
13. Liton Kumar Sarker (16134110017) Lecturer 30/12/2017
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Head of the Department

Professor Md. Yeakub Ali

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