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The renowned and famous Rajshahi College was established in 1873. Although the Islamic History & Culture Department was not opened initially, The eminent Ex. Principal of Rajshahi College, Professor Shams-Ul-Haque frist established the Department of Islamic History & Culture in 1955. At that time departmental Head was Mr. Sayed Azizur Rahman Hasemi. Since then it has been marching on with glorious result and producing famous students who have shown their talent in their respective working Places. At Present, Professor Zillur Rahman, Head of The Department along with 11 other teachers (3 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors and 4 Lecturers) are working together to make the department more advanced and took forward to provide the country with brilliant students who will prove their worth.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Nargis Zahan (4792) Professor 12/05/2015
02. Dr. Yeasmin Akter Sarmin (10492) Associate Professor 26/09/2007
03. Monzura Khanam (5653) Associate Professor 23/11/2009
04. Md. Abdullahil Kafe (5388) Associate Professor 01/11/2016
05. Md. Abdul Matin (7959) (Associate Professor) Assistant Professor 25/09/2017
06. MD. Moslem Uddin Mondol (5038) (Associate Professor) Assistant Professor 25/09/2017
07. Dr. Abu Noman Md. Asadullah (14176) Assistant Professor 14/05/2013
08. Shohela Parvin (13667) Assistant Professor 10/11/2014
09. Md. Manik Hossen (21888) Lecturer 16/06/2013
10. Tofael Ahmmed (22759) Lecturer 21/07/2014
11. Lecturer
12. Lecturer
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Head of the Department

Professor Nargis Zahan

At a Glance

Started as I.A. Course in 1950
Started as Degree Course in 1953
Started Hons Level 1954
Started Masters Level 1993-1994
Eminent Teacher’s in the earlies Syed Azizur Rahman
Hashmi Mukhlesur Rahman
Dr. Shamsuddin Miah
Number of Teachers 12
Number of Students 2600

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Contact Information

Phone Number: +88 0721 774299
E-mail: rc1873ishis@gmail.com

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