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Rotine 1st year 2nd class test-201708-05-2017Download
Rotine 3rd year 2nd class test-201708-05-2017Download
MA. part-1 Notice16-03-2017Download
3rd year Class notice-106-03-2017Download
17 March birth day05-03-2017Download
17 March birth day05-03-2017Download
2nd year 1st class test-17-128-02-2017Download
2nd year 1st class test Rotine-201725-02-2017Download
Class Rutin(A4)-20-02-1720-02-2017Download
4th Hon. Notice-201719-02-2017Download
1st Hon. 1st Class test-201719-02-2017Download
Class Rutin(16-02-17)19-02-2017Download
2nd 1st class test-131-05-2016Download
M,A, part-1 from philup-2014-117-05-2016Download
1st year clas test rotin-201614-05-2016Download
2nd & 4th year Class Notice-1.pdf20-03-2016Download
3r d year class test rotine-16-1.pdf19-03-2016Download
philosophy Notice-1.pdf16-03-2016Download
1st year Class test-1.pdf12-03-2016Download
2nd year viva-14..pdf08-03-2016Download
2nd Viva notice-14-1.pdf08-03-2016Download
1st year Rotine-2015-16.doc05-03-2016Download
2nd viva-14.pdf04-03-2016Download
Clss Rutine-1.pdf12-02-2016Download
M.A.Finlal Form.2013-1.pdf18-01-2016Download
Class Routine-1.pdf17-01-2016Download
From phalup-2014-201521-12-2015Download
Adnussuib M.A.Part-1-1.pdf07-12-2015Download
M.A. Final Class test Rotin-1.pdf24-11-2015Download
M.A. Final Viva Exm.2012-1.pdf07-11-2015Download
4th year vivy-2013-1.pdf07-10-2015Download
2nd year form ph.2014-1.pdf07-10-2015Download
Press Release_Hon's_P-1_ Masters_ Exam Revised 04.10.15.pdf05-10-2015Download
M.A. Part-1 Viva-1.pdf02-10-2015Download
1sr year Class test-1.pdf01-10-2015Download
2nd year class test-1.pdf30-09-2015Download
Duty During Eid Vacation.1pdf20-09-2015Download
Class Rotin-2015-1.pdf10-09-2015Download
2014-15 1st Class test.1pdf09-09-2015Download
4th class test rotin-1pdf02-09-2015Download
3rd year class test rotin-1.pdf02-09-2015Download
2nd year class test rorin-1.pdf02-09-2015Download
Hon.1st year class rotin.1.pdf02-09-2015Download
Hon.2nd year result-2013.doc02-09-2015Download
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Head of the Department


Professor Mahmuda Khatun

At a Glance

Started functioning as an independent department 1878
Number of teachers 11
Number of Students 1,500 (approximately)
Started H.S.C Level 1873
Started Hons. Level 1878
Started Masters Level 1993
Department Situated at Fular Building (Ground Floor)

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Phone Number: +88 0721 774313

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October 2017