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The department of Philosophy in Rajshahi College is known to be historically famous. Because it has been functioning with pride as an independent department soon after the establishment of Rajshahi college in 1873. Celebrated scholars like Mr. J K Chakrovorty, U C Vottacharia, Charushastri Chakrovorty, Abdul Hai, Md. Shamsuzzaman, Md. Azhar Uddin Mollik, served in this department. Having got degree from this department numerous intelligent students have been contributing in various fields home and abroad.
The department is composed of 11 dedicated teachers, 2 office assistants and more than 1200 students.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Mahmuda Khatun (4466) Professor 15/10/2014
02. Razia Sultana (4467) Associate Professor 12/06/2010
03. Md. Shafiqul Alam (10259) Associate Professor 20/11/2017
04. Md. Saiful Islam (13861) Assistant Professor 27/01/2015
05. Dr. Md. Syed Ali Ahshan (14150) Assistant Professor 09/11/2014
06. Md. Aminul Islam (14442) Assistant Professor 12/11/2016
07. Md. Shamim Al Azad (016277) Assistant Professor 14/12/2017
08. Kazi Rumicha Khanam (16322) (Assistant Professor) Lecturer 10/03/2008
09. Md. Joynal Abedin (22878) Lecturer 11/12/2014
10. Lecturer
11. Lecturer
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Head of the Department


Professor Mahmuda Khatun

At a Glance

Started functioning as an independent department 1878
Number of teachers 11
Number of Students 1,500 (approximately)
Started H.S.C Level 1873
Started Hons. Level 1878
Started Masters Level 1993
Department Situated at Fular Building (Ground Floor)

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Phone Number: +88 0721 774313
E-mail: rc1873phil@gmail.com

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