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Zoology department is one of the most important departments of science of Rajshahi College. It was established in 1957. There are about 1000 students in this department. Boys and Girls are doing B.Sc, B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc level in this department. There are about 13 teachers who always keep their loving touch on their students’ head. We arrange exertion at different important places. Students are always happy with their different types of extra curricular activities like sports, cultural week, debate etc. They used to show the good performance in every sector. There are 2 (two) branches in M.Sc level i.e. fisheries and Entomology. Audio-visual system has been introduced in classroom teaching.

Present Teachers’ List

SL Teachers’ Name Designation Date of joining
01. Dr. Nasima Yesmin Chowdhury (4469) Professor 13/12/2017
02. Abu Nayeem Muhammad Fazlul Karim Associate Professor (Attachment)
03. Dr. Most. Jahanara Akter Banu (4351) Associate Professor 09/11/2014
04. Md. Golam Kibria (4895) Associate Professor 11/11/2014
05. Dr. Md. Rabiul Alam (8493) Associate Professor 01/11/2016
06. Mahfuza Chawdhury (14148) Assistant Professor 09/11/2014
07. Sharmin Hafiz (15768) Assistant Professor 14/05/2013
08. Mosammat Fahmida Akhter Kostori (13335) Assistant Professor 09/11/2014
09. S. M. Tajul Islam (16602) Assistant Professor 12/11/2016
10. Afroza Banu (22144) Lecturer 01/08/2011
11. Smrety Sarowar (22424) Lecturer 12/06/2013
12. Goutom Singha (23907) Lecturer 15/01/2013
13. Titonius Hembrom (24487) Lecturer 13/12/2014
14. Demonstrator
15. Demonstrator
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Head of the Department


Professor Dr. Nasima Yesmin Chowdhury

At a Glance

Established as a Department 1972
Started Honours Level 1972
Total Number of Students 1000 (approximately.)
Post of Teachers 12
Fisheries Laboratory 01
Entomology Laboratory 01
Zoological Museum 01
Present Number of Teachers 17

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Phone Number: +88 0721 770880
E-mail: zoology_rc@yahoo.com

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